Amy Kell

Kell Consulting, LLC, is a woman-owned business located in Madison, Wisconsin, which specializes in the preparation of Federal and Foundation Grant Applications.  The company works with public, private and non-profit organizations, that serve the affordable housing industry. Our orientation allows us to work collaboratively with our clients, and fulfill our mission of helping those who help others

Kell Consulting is experienced in successfully managing the grant development process, and in preparing high-quality, fundable federal and state applications.  The company’s approach is strategic in nature, and is informed by more than 30 years of experience in public housing operations, as well as academic training in marketing and business policy.

Since the firm’s inception in July of 2000, Kell Consulting, LLC has been involved in the preparation of more than 50 winning grant applications for public entity clients in 10 states including Washington, Wisconsin, Illinois, South Dakota, Ohio, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas, Alabama and Indiana.  Grant awards (not including leveraged dollars) have totaled more than $151 million, and include five HOPE VI awards, two Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Grants, and one Choice Neighborhood Planning Grant.  Every single assignment that Kell Consulting has undertaken since the firm’s inception in July of 2000 has been performed on time and within budget.

Kell Consulting prides itself in the proactive, responsive, and collaborative way it works with its clients.  We bring fresh eyes, a fresh voice and a creative approach to writing grant applications, and do so knowing that our foundation in the industry is deep and well-grounded.